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How to Use a Keyboard & Mouse to Play PS3 Games

Any USB-certified keyboard or mouse should be compatible with your PS3.
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While the PlayStation 3's controller works well in most instances, there are some games that benefit more from a keyboard and mouse control scheme. The good news is the PS3 supports both USB and Bluetooth mice and keyboards. The bad news is most of its games do not. However, for the games that do, your mouse and keyboard combo requires minimal setup, especially if you use USB. If the game doesn't, third-party converters can bridge the gap and give you the controls you want.

USB Mice and Keyboards

Almost all USB mice and keyboards are compatible with the PS3, and can be connected via the ports on the front. Like with your computer, they're plug-and-play, so they're ready to go as soon as you connect them. Even PC gaming mice with additional buttons or controls should be compatible, so you can take your favorite gaming equipment from your computer and still use it without issue.

Bluetooth Mice and Keyboards

Bluetooth mice and keyboards are a little trickier, as they require more setup than their USB counterparts. You'll need to pair the mouse and keyboard to the PS3 using the PS3's accessory settings menu, using the Bluetooth manager to discover and register your devices. You'll also need to supply your device's passcode if one is enabled. Not every Bluetooth device will be compatible with your PS3; check with the manufacturer for details.

Compatible Games

Unfortunately, only a handful of games on the PS3 support the use of a keyboard and mouse natively. Most games were designed to use the PS3 controller, or were given adapted controls when ported from another system. However, the following games do support the use of a mouse and keyboard: "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn," "Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 edition," "Counter Strike Global Offensive," and PSOne and PS2 games that supported these devices. You can try with other games, but the odds are that the mouse and keyboard will not function for them. You can also use your mouse and keyboard outside of gaming for Internet browsing and text entry.

USB Converters

Several third-party devices are available that can convert the inputs from a mouse and keyboard into inputs from a controller, effectively enabling you to use a mouse and keyboard with any game. Popular examples of these devices include Eagle Eye and Keymander, which function as a go-between for your mouse, keyboard, controller and the PS3. However, correct operation requires considerable calibration for each game title and may still not perfectly replicate the PC experience. Input lag may also be an issue in some cases, which can cause more problems than the keyboard fixes. This makes these devices a viable, albeit imperfect, solution.

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