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WoW Directions: From Orgrimmar to the Outlands

Horde players looking to leave Azeroth behind for the shattered planet of Outland will find the trip relatively short. With a quick portal hop from Orgrimmar, they can make their way to the ruined world and experience everything "World of Warcraft's" second expansion, "The Burning Crusade" has to offer. Just make sure you're at least level 58, or your journey might end swiftly; the Dark Portal leading to Outland can't be accessed by characters below that level.

Cleft of Shadow Portal

Enter The Drag from the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. The Drag is the street in the cliffs, which leads to the Cleft of Shadow and the Valley of Honor. The entrance is located in the Northeastern part of the Valley of Strength.

Enter the Cleft of Shadow and take the portal to the Blasted Lands. The entrance is close to the gate leading to the Valley of Strength, next to the enchanting trainer's building.

Enter the Dark Portal when you arrive in Blasted Lands. The Dark Portal serves as the gateway to Outland, and will send you to Outland's starting zone, Hellfire Peninsula.

Valley of Spirits Portal

Go to the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar. It's located to the West of the Valley of Strength, but you'll need to take the path to the upper ridge around the Valley of Strength to reach it. Stairs to the ridge can be found on the West side of the Valley of Strength, next to the hut containing the blacksmith and mining trainers.

Go to the hut housing the mage trainer, and head to the upper floor. There is a portal to Blasted Lands on this upper floor, which will transport you to the Dark Portal just like the one in the Cleft of Shadow.

Enter the Dark Portal when you arrive in Blasted Lands.


Mages can also teleport to Terokkar Forest in Outland using "Teleport: Shattrath" and can take parties with them using "Portal: Shattrath." However, they must have already visited Shattrah and talked to the portal trainer to use these abilities.

Outland has many dungeons and raids that have summoning stones. If you have at least two other people in your party who are already in Outland, they can visit one of these stones and summon you to them.

Warlocks can also summon you to any location in Outland, provided there are at least four people in the party -- you, the Warlock and two others. Warlocks can summon a summoning portal anywhere using "Ritual of Summoning," but require two other party members with them to complete the spell.

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