Where Can You Legally Download Free Songs?

While there are download services such as iTunes and Napster, many of the songs available there are only accessible to users if they pay to download them. However, there are websites available on the Internet that allow users to download music free and legally. These free and legal download websites not only give a user access to major label artists, but they also give music listeners a chance to be exposed to music by independent and unsigned artists.


SpiralFrog requires free membership and installation of SpiralFrog’s Download Manager. To keep a membership active, a user has to consistently log in and download music or renew the membership every sixty days.


Qtrax offers free and legal music downloads from major record labels. Users can also create their own playlists.


EZ-Tracks has over 50,000 songs available for download. The downloads are made possible through partnerships with the record labels.


We7 provides free music by major label artists. However, advertisements are attached to the files provided by the website.


Archive's “Music & Arts” section provides public domain music, expired copyright tracks, as well as some contemporary music for free download.


SoundClick provides free pages for independent artists to make their music available to users of the website.