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How to Get a Record Deal With Epic Records

Epic Records
Epic Records

With a rich history in the music business, spanning almost half a century and multiple genres, Epic Records remains a giant in the recording industry. Having produced bestselling acts like Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osborne, Europe, Luther Vandross, AC/DC, and contemporary stars like Shakira, Good Charlotte, and Pearl Jam, Epic Records has been, and is still, one of the marquis brands in the music industry. An understanding of the company’s history and current artist roster can improve your chances of getting a record deal with the label.

Epic Records
Epic Records

Things You'll Need:

  • Musical Talent
  • Hard Work Ethic
  • Persistence

Become familiar with the type of music Epic Records currently produces. Make sure it’s compatible with the genre or genres you perform.

Prove your talent. Record several demo tracks or complete CD.

Create a website or use free social networking websites like MySpace and Youtube to broadcast your music and cultivate a fan base. Use the following as leverage when negotiating with Epic Artists and their Repertoire (A&R) Department. If you generate a big enough following, Epic might even come looking for you.

Make contact with an artist presently on the Epic label, such as Shakira, Good Charlotte, or Pearl Jam. If you feel your music is similar, or have drawn inspiration from any of these artists, making contact may be worth the small expenditure of time and energy. An endorsement from a known artist could prove influential when dealing with the Epic Records label brass.

Contact Epic Records Artists and Repertoire Department. The A&R branch handles talent scouting and bringing new artists to the label. Put together a press kit of venues you have played, as well as other relevant biographical details. Mail the release to one of Epic’s A&R representatives. Be sure to address the package to somebody specifically and not just the department itself.


Stay persistent. Just because Epic Records is not interested in you right now does not mean they will not be in the future.


  • The world is crowded with would-be musicians. Competition is tough, and the chances of signing a deal with a major label like Epic Records are small.
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