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How to Find an Old Song

Whether you want to listen to an old favorite, collect music antiques, or research a song's history, you have most likely tried finding an old song. Besides the vast music databases of the Internet, there are loads of recorded media, books and other resources that help you find a specific song.


Type the "(Artist's Name) and Lyrics" into an Internet search engine. Click on a lyrics site and browse through the lyrics of that artist until you find the song that you are looking for.

Type specific parts of the song's lyrics into an Internet search engine. If you know the artist's name, type "(Artist's Name) and (The Parts of Lyrics)." Click on a lyrics website and browse the lyrics till you are able to find the song.

Attend flea markets and street fairs as well as music conventions. Garage and yard sales are also good. Ask the vendors specific questions about your song to get more information.

Go to a secondhand store. There is usually a section of the store devoted to used records, tapes, and CDs.

Research the artist and song's history at the library. If the song or artist is famous then it should be listed in books or magazines. Type keywords of the song into the library's card catalog to find a specific book.


Go to a music store and browse the albums by the artist who wrote the song. Read the track list on each album until you find it.

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