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How Much Are Beatles Records Worth?

How Much Are Beatles Records Worth?
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Few bands have had an impact on popular music like the Beatles. Between 1962 and 1970, over two dozen Beatles records were released in the U.S. and the U.K. Most Beatles records (both 45s and LPs), even common ones, are worth at least $100 each in near mint condition. The prices here are a sampling of values for some of the most collectible records as of August 2009, based on averages of auction results.

Early Records

In 1962, a rare UK 45 record of "My Bonnie" and "The Saints" featuring the original band name "Tony Sheridan and the Beatles" was released. It is valued at $750.

1963-1964 Records

In 1963, the Beatles released their first LPs, including "Introducing the Beatles" (first U.S. album, valued at $350) and "Please Please Me," (first U.K. LP, valued at over $300). "A Hard Day's Night," the soundtrack to the 1964 film, is valued at $250.

1965 -1966 Records

1965 saw the release of "Help!" (value: $250) and "Rubber Soul" (value $250). "Yesterday and Today," released in 1966, initially featured a controversial cover (in the U.K. only) of the Beatles posing as butchers with pieces of meat and dismembered baby dolls (value: $1,200). This was quickly changed to a generic portrait of the band sitting on a trunk.

1967-1968 Records

"The White Album" (released in 1968) is among the most popular and collectible of all Beatles records. An unopened, mint Stereo copy sells for $1,200.

1969-1970 Records

"Abbey Road," the Beatles final studio album and one of their best, is highly sought after (especially for the cover photo, shown above) and sells for about $400. "Let It Be," a collection of live recordings, was released in 1970 and is valued at $300.

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