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How to Sell or Trade 8-Track Tapes

Eight-track tapes came into being in the 1960s and stuck around until the early 1980s. Eight-track recordings were wildly popular in the 1970s. While stereo cassettes became the preferred medium and eventually overtook the eight-track cartridge, a lot of users clung to the eight-track for its theoretically higher sound quality. Today, many people buy, sell, and collect eight-track tapes primarily for nostalgic purposes. The Internet's wide reach makes it easy for eight-track hobbyists to find, sell, and trade all their favorite artists in eight-track stereo.

Monitor online auction sites like eBay. These types of sites are some of the best places to buy and sell eight-track tapes. It's often possible to get buy lots on auction sites, which means you can get a good deal on a large number of eight-tracks. If you're trading, you may want to buy doubles so you can stock your collection and have extras to trade.

Visit Eight-Track Heaven (www.8trackheaven.com), one of the most complete websites on eight-track tapes. The site offers a classifieds section for avid collectors to buy, sell, and trade eight-track tapes. The website also offers eight-track FAQs, historic tidbits, and a selection of articles on collecting.

Scour flea markets and garage sales. These places are a treasure trove for eight-track tapes. It's possible to find large collections, sometimes for just a couple of dollars. Thrift stores and antique shops can also be excellent sources for good deals on eight-tracks. These can later be used in trades, or to round out lots that you sell.

Sell your eight-track tapes through online classifieds (such as the 8-Track Heaven or Craigslist classifieds). Pricing is subjective, but serious collectors will pay between $3.00 and $6.00 for eight- track tapes that are in good shape. Keep in mind that sites like eBay have sellers that sell large lots of eight-track tapes for $10 to $20, so unless you have something highly collectible, you may have better luck selling individually in the classifieds. Another good way to sell is to browse the classifieds in search of buyers looking for specific titles.

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