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How to Find the Value of Noritake China

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According to the Noritake website, the company has created quality dinnerware since 1904, and its “products are sold to customers in over 100 countries and are used in hotels, restaurants and airlines throughout the world.” Because of Noritake's long history, which has featured many patterns and styles, it can be hard to find the value of pieces, especially those with older patterns. However, with a little research, you can discover how much your treasured china is really worth.

Visit the library or bookstore. Look for Noritake collector and price guides such as “Noritake for Europe” by Pat Murphy; “Noritake : Jewel of the Orient” by Dale Frederiksen, Bob Page and Dean Six; and “Noritake Collectibles A to Z: A Pictorial Record & Guide to Values” by David H. Spain.

Research online. Replacements Limited offers a large selection of new and antique Noritake china, and you may be able to find the value of your dinnerware through their online inventory. If you are unable to find your piece on your own, you can send the company a picture of your china, and they can help with identification and valuation.

Check out antiques stores. In antiques stores that specialize in china, you can see how pieces are priced. Online antiques stores are also useful for discovering the market value of Noritake china.

Talk to other collectors. Join a collectors organization such as the Noritake Collectors Society. This club features a newsletter that includes valuation tips such as “discussions on auction pricing trends, and the best places to find Noritake off of the Internet. An additional highlight of the Noritake News is the regular "Auction Action" feature that tracks the prices of Noritake on eBay over the prior three months.”

Find an appraiser. Local antiques store owners or museums are good sources for finding reputable appraisers. Normally, these experts will charge a fee for their services.

Look on eBay. Online auctions sites such as eBay are excellent places to see a wide variety of new and old Noritake china. The prices on online auctions tend to be lower than in an antiques store. However, you will come away with an idea of what price you could get if you intend to sell the china yourself.


Remember that when valuing china, condition matters. Chips, cracks or crazing will drastically reduce the value of most pieces. Also, if the pattern on the piece shows wear, this can negatively affect the value.

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