What Do You Use a Size 50 Knitting Needle For?

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The size of the knitting needle and the size of the yarn together determine how tight or loose a fabric you’ll create. Size 50 knitting needles are some of the largest on the market, so using them will result in a thick project you’ll be able to knit quickly. It may take a little practice to easily handle such large needles, but after some time, they’ll become easier to use and the project will be completed more quickly.


Sew strips of scrap fabric together to create fabric yarn that can be used to make rugs or bath mats. By casting on about 20 stitches, or however many you can comfortably fit on your size 50 needles, you can simply knit back and forth using this fabric yarn to create long rectangles. Sew these long rectangles together, side-by-side, for use as a bathroom or kitchen rug that can easily be thrown in the washing machine.


These large knitting needles can also create afghans by knitting with two or three strands of chunky weight yarn at a time. You’ll be able to create long, thick strips that can be sewn together on the side to form an afghan.


If you need a gift in a hurry, take two to three skeins of super-bulky weight yarn and knit a scarf about 8 inches wide. Using size 50 needles, you should be able to finish a 5-foot scarf in one to two hours once you become comfortable handling these big tools.