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What Are Hog Rings?

Hog rings are U-shaped metal rings that are bent into a circular formation in order to fasten two objects together. Hog rings are so called for their resemblance to the rings placed into farm hogs' noses to keep them from digging with their snouts. Hog rings can be an easy and convenient method for fastening, especially when working with upholstery and other fabrics.

Design and Use

Hog rings are made of sturdy metal, allowing them to be bent while maintaining the ring integrity. The ring comes in a U-shaped design. The open end of the ring is placed around the objects or fabric you wish to fasten together. The ring is then bent into a circular shape, thus creating a secure connection.

Hog Ring Pliers

While conventional pliers can be used to bend hog rings, there are also special hog-ring pliers available. Hog ring pliers feature a tong in the center which holds the hog ring in place, allowing for easy installation. The sides of the hog ring pliers are then squeezed together, which bends and secures the hog ring in place.


Hog rings can offer a more secure connection when compared to other popular counterparts, such as staples or nails. Since the entire hog ring is bent into the object to be fastened, hog rings offer a very firm grip that isn't likely to work loose. Since the hog ring is circularly closed off around the secured object, the only way for a hog ring to come loose is if the ring itself bends or the object it is secured into tears.

Common Uses

Hog rings are commonly used to repair upholstery, as they are less likely to tear free than thin nails or staples. Hog rings can be used for a variety of other fabric projects as well, such as shower curtains or costume designs. Other hog ring designs are used for meat packaging, such as on sausage casings.

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