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What Are 160Q & 260Q Balloons?

Balloon sculptures require the right type of balloons for success.
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In the fun and imaginative world of balloon twisting it is extremely important to use quality balloons and find the right ones for the right balloon sculpture. There is nothing more frustrating than getting close to completing a beautiful sculpture only to have a balloon pop before you are done. Know and get the right balloons before you start your projects. Whether it is a simple single-twist tie dog or an elaborate sculpture, the right balloons will insure your success.

A Balloon Sculptor's Best Friend

A balloon artist doesn't clown around with his materials.
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The 160 and 260 balloons are used to create balloon art or sculptures. The balloon artist or twister will generally have an assortment of these balloons, which vary in size and color. The 160 and 260 is the description of the balloons.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

Twisting balloons are designated by their size. A 160, or pencil balloon, when fully inflated will be 1 inch in diameter and 60 inches long. A 260 balloon, the most common type used by balloon twisters, when fully inflated will be 2 inches wide and 60 inches long.

What Do the Letters Mean?

The letter following the numbers in the description of twisting balloons designates the manufacturer. Sometimes there will be no manufacturer so no letter will follow. The “q” stands for the company Qualatex, one of the oldest and most reliable manufacturers of twisting balloons. The “b” following a number is for the company Bellatex, another reputable manufacturer of twisting balloons.

The Material of the Balloon

Twisting balloons are made from latex. As with any product, the quality of the material varies. Using balloons that are higher-quality latex will insure that your balloons and sculptures will last, since they will retain air longer.

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