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Sleepover Games for 3 People

A question ball can be fun at sleepovers
beach ball image by YN from Fotolia.com

Kids and teens love staying up late at night and spending time with their friends. Even if you have just a few people staying the night, there are plenty of games you can incorporate to keep everyone entertained. Sleepover games for three people do not require a lot of materials and everyone involved can have a blast.

Question Ball

Using a permanent marker, have an adult write questions around an inflatable beach ball. When the guests arrive, have everyone sit in a circle. The first person tosses the ball to another player. That player must answer the question that their left or right thumb is touching (this should be determined at the beginning of the game). If their thumb is not touching a question, they can answer the one closest to it. After the question is answered, the player tosses to the ball to another player. Continue play until all questions have been asked.

Incorporate a number of different questions on the ball. Examples include: What is your favorite color? Who is your favorite actor? What three words would you use to describe yourself? If you could fly, where would you go?

Nail Polish Spin the Bottle

Nail Polish Spin the Bottle creates crazy nails
pink nail polish image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.com

Players should sit in a circle on a hard surface floor (carpet is not recommended for this game). One of the players takes a bottle of nail polish and spins it in the center of the circle. When the bottle stops spinning, the player that it is pointing to must paint one fingernail with that nail polish. That player then spins another bottle. Play continues until all fingernails and toenails have been polished.

Truth or Lie?

Truth or Lie is a fun way to learn about other players
truth or not truth image by Slyadnyev Oleksandr from Fotolia.com

The first player starts by stating three facts about himself. Two of the statements should be true, and one should be false. The other players must determine which of the statements is the lie. The player to correctly guess the lie gets to tell three statements. This game can continue until the players are tired or have run out of things to say.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Having a candy scavenger hunt is a fun task for sleepovers
candy image by red2000 from Fotolia.com

Have an adult hide different types of candy throughout the house before the sleepover begins. When the guests arrive, tell them about all the candy that is hidden. Players should go on a scavenger hunt to find the candy, and can keep all the candy that they find. For added fun, the adult can make maps or a list of hints before sending the players to hunt for the candies.

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