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How to Play 20 Questions

If your date is playing 20 questions, the interest is there.
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This is a terrific way to occupy children on a rainy day or during a long car ride. One player thinks of an object and the other players ask questions to determine what that object is.

Choose one person to start. This person must think of an object. To make the game easier, he or she can classify the object as animal, vegetable or mineral.

Have another player ask a question about the object that can be answered yes or no.

The person who has the object in mind should answer the question with a simple yes or no.

After hearing the answer, the questioner is allowed to guess the object. The players are allowed to ask a total of 20 questions.

If the guess is correct, the winning questioner now thinks of a new object. If the answer is incorrect, another player is allowed to ask a yes or no question.


If the players use up their 20 questions without guessing the object, the player with the object in mind reveals it and thinks of a new one. This game works best with four or fewer players.

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