The Best Way to Mail Record Albums

Andrew Hobbs/Lifesize/Getty Images

Record albums are increasingly becoming valuable, collectible items. There are times you may need to ship one safely across the country. Whether you've sold one online or you're giving it as a gift, you want to make sure that your LP will ship safely without any breakage or damage to the cover. The post office won't purposely damage your album, but proper packaging can minimize the chances of danger to your record.


Protect the album as much as possible before you even put it in the wrapping. Depending upon the value of the record that you are shipping, wrap the album in tissue paper so the album cover is protected from scratches. You can also wrap the LP in bubble wrap to protect from drops and other shocks. If bubble wrap is not available, leftover quilt batting makes a soft protector for your record album.

Creating a Box

There are few boxes made for record albums unless you pay to have them custom made, but you can create a large envelope in which to ship the album. Depending on the thickness of the padding wrapped around your album, cut two pieces of corrugated cardboard into squares about 15 inches across. Place the padded album on the cardboard to use it as a template to measure. The album should fit between the two cardboard pieces, with all edges of the cardboard able to bend toward each other and touch. Use strapping tape or other heavy-duty tape to seal the four edges of the cardboard with the record album inside.

Shipping Methods

The United States Postal Service, USPS, is a good basic shipper of packages. It will probably be the least expensive way to mail an LP. If time is not an issue, record albums can be shipped media mail, which is inexpensive but relatively slow. If you need it there quicker, you can ship priority mail and the recipient will get the record in a couple of days. For even faster service, United Postal Service, UPS, and Federal Express, FedEx, will both ship your album quickly. They will cost significantly more in most instances, though, so you should take this into consideration if money is an issue.