Unique Craft Ideas to Sell

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While crafting was once a common activity, many busy men and women now purchase the crafts that they would have at one time made themselves. There are an array of uncommon crafts that you can create when looking to sell your wares. By making an unique craft item, you can increase the likelihood that potential customers will be drawn to your offerings and choose to purchase one of your offered creations.

Bag Sleeve

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Bag sleeves make it easy for eco-friendly individuals to reduce, reuse and recycle. Bag sleeves can be created of any fabric and are often designed to accent a kitchen decor. To create this saleable craft, crafters need only to create a rectangle of fabric and sew the long ends together to create a cylinder. To finish the product and make it ready for use, crafters must sew a casing into each side of the cylinder and run a ribbon through each. Crafters should pull one end tight and, using the access ribbon to create a handle by which to hang the sleeve, leave the other slightly looser to create an opening through which users can pull grocery bags.

Beaded Scarf

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Scarves have become a popular way to spice up a bland outfit. Beaded scarfs can add excitement and interest to an outfit. To create one of these scarves, crafters must select a fabric that does not fray easily. The creator should then cut the fabric into scarf-sized rectangles. To add beads, she must cut each end of the scarf into slits and lace beads on to each created tassel. To secure the beads, the crafter can tie knots at the end of each piece. Whether used for warmth or simply to create a fashion-forward look, buyers of this craft will likely appreciate the distinctive look of the creation.

Bottle Cap Keychain

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Instead of discarding old bottle caps, crafty soda drinkers can use them to create bottle cap keychains to sell. To produce this simple craft, individuals need only use a small awl and hammer to make a small hole. The crafter can then attach the cap to a keychain by purchasing metal links and securing the links on to the cap using the created hole. To make the keychains even more distinctive, crafters can spray paint the caps prior to attaching them to the keychains and offer customization services, placing names or initials on to the caps for customers.


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