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Troubleshooting the Top Shot Elite Controller for PS3

The Top Shot Elite is a wireless gun controller that comes packaged with the “Cabela's Dangerous Hunts” series of hunting games. The controller consists of two parts; a sensor bar sits near the television and triangulates the position of the gun controller. Different versions of the controller are available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Xbox version connects to the console through the wireless controller interface, while the PS3 version requires a wireless USB dongle included with the controller.

Verify the USB dongle is inserted into the USB port on the PS3 if your console does not recognize the gun or sensor bar. The dongle is stored inside the end of the removable stock.

Press the "PS" button on the left side of the molded ammunition clip on the Top Shot Elite controller. The light on the back of the clip will illuminate when the sync is complete. If it doesn't light up, make sure the dongle is fully inserted.

Check the power and location of the sensor bar if the gun does not respond or the reticle will not go to certain areas of the screen. The power button is located on the right side. When it has power, a red light will illuminate on the front. Place the sensor bar in the center, either above or below the screen. You want the sensor bar to be as close as possible to eye level. Go to the main menu and select "Options." Open "Controls" and verify that the Sensor Bar Position setting is set to “Top” or “Bottom,” depending on your setup.

Calibrate the controller if the aim is off. Select "Use Calibration" in the Controls menu and aim at the on-screen reticles through the scope. Shoot the reticles to exit the screen. If you get an error stating the game cannot detect the gun position, step back to allow at least six feet of space between the gun and sensor bar. Recalibrate the controller when you play from a different position.


If the sensor bar stops responding after one to three hours of inactivity, check the back of the bar for a slider switch. The bar will stay on longer but the battery life will be shorter.


  • The controller works by picking up a light on the front of the sensor bar. Light sources close to the sensor bar can cause reception problems.
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