How to Hook Up a PS3 Move Controller to a Navigation Controller

Things You'll Need

  • Move Motion controller
  • Navigation controller
  • Type A mini-B USB cable

The PlayStation 3 Move Motion controller utilizes the PlayStation Eye camera as a method for playing games and navigating menus through motion control. For games that require more precision, the Navigation controller can be paired with the Motion controller to provide additional buttons and an analog stick. When using a Motion controller in tandem with a Navigation controller, pairing both devices with the PlayStation 3 will ensure communication between the controllers.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 console.

Connect your Move Motion controller to the PS3 with your USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. The device will pair with the console. Unplug the USB cable.


Connect the Navigation controller to your console using the USB cable. Press the PS button on the Navigation controller. The PlayStation 3 and the Navigation controller will pair together. Unplug the USB cable. Both the Motion and Navigation controllers have been successfully paired with your PlayStation 3, and will work in tandem when used with any compatible game.



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