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Transgender Nightclubs in Tampa, Florida

The Tampa Bay area has a plethora of GLBT nightclubs.
bar image by daniel sainthorant from Fotolia.com

The Tampa Bay area's GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community has several gathering places that welcome anyone living an alternative lifestyle. These gathering places also welcome all who enjoy the energy of an alternative lifestyle environment, regardless of their orientation. Some clubs offer a simple place to meet for drinks and a bite to eat; others offer amateur strip contests, leather nights and drag shows.

G Bar

Ybor City is location central for Tampa's GLBT community, and its G Bar caters to the GLBT community. Part of what the community calls "GayBor," this nightclub has different high-energy events most nights of the week, from amateur strip contests to drag shows. G Bar has themed nights, happy hours, and, on occasionally, drum circles. Entertainment and contests change nightly.

Valentine's Night Club

Valentine's Night Club has Latin, hip-hop, and karaoke, all depending on the night. This club, just a short drive from Ybor, also has drag shows, drink specials, and a DJ. Although it's outside Ybor City it still celebrates the city's Latino influences. This club draws people in with nightly events: on Tuesday nights the club has a talent contest; on Thursday nights, people compete - or observe- an amateur stripper night. Valentines has drag show performances throughout the week as well, and people who come here tend to cut loose.

The Honey Pot

Although it looks like a closed storefront from the outside, this multilevel bar has dance floors below and a VIP area with couches and intimate seating on the second level. The Honey Pot is a fashion-forward club for the trendiest among the community, and the people who come here come looking to party and dance while dressed for a night on the town.

Georgie's Alibi

Across Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg is Georgie's Alibi, a more sedate club that offers outdoor dining, stage, dance floor and bar. This restaurant/night club has all walks of customers, from GLBT sports fans (they have sporting events as well as live entertainment) to drag show fans. This club attracts people looking for a quiet meal with a few friends or a date and those who want to party hard on the dance floor and around the bar.

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