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Tips and Ideas for a Crash Test Dummy Costume

This fellow won't win any awards for driving.
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While typically used to make sure cars have been safely designed to protect passengers during a crash, a crash test dummy can also serve as the inspiration for a recognizable, fun costume. With a few basic supplies, you can make a costume that anyone will immediately recognize as a hapless crash test dummy.

Painter's Suit

As a starting point, an inexpensive painter's suit can serve as a good foundation for a crash test dummy costume. These disposable, white jumpsuits are made out of Tyvek and can be purchased at any local hardware store. Their color makes these suits easy to customize to look like a crash test dummy, and they can be cut off in terms of sleeve and pant length.

Bald Cap

A major feature of crash test dummies is the fact that none of them has any hair. Instead, their "heads" are just hard plastic shells. If shaving your head for the sake of a costume is not an option, a bald cap can easily suffice. Such caps, designed for men, women and children, can be purchased at any costume store or party supply shop.

Face Paint

Crash test dummies are also recognizable by their extraordinarily pale skin color. To emulate that shade, costume face paint can do the job and is available for purchase at party supply stores or costume shops. Be sure to also purchase some tools to help apply the paint evenly and without making a mess, such as sponges or brushes. Check the directions of the specific face paint for best results and make sure it is designed for use on human skin and can be easily washed off. Use the paint to paint the bald cap, so the skin and cap match.

Costume Designs

A key distinguishing feature of a crash test dummy is several black and yellow "impact spots" on joints and vital areas. The zones typically consist of a circle, divided into two yellow quadrants and two black quadrants. Apply these designs on the knees, elbows and chest of the jumpsuit with paint. Then add two of the same designs on either side of the bald cap to complete the costume.

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