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The Difference Between Cuttlebug & Cuttlebug V2

Embossing and die-cut embellishments are common in scrapbooking and card making.
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The Cuttlebug machine is an embossing and die-cutting machine made by Provo Crafts. This machine is easy to use and portable, making it ideal for scrapbooking applications. The two versions, the original Cuttlebug and the Cuttlebug V2, are very similar in design, but have some minor differences that may affect your purchase choice.

What the Cuttlebug Does

The Cuttlebug machine is a die cutting and embossing machine. This means that the Cuttlebug has settings for fully depressing a die cutter into different types of paper, as well as settings for embossing papers of different thicknesses. You can buy die cutter kits and stamps for use with the Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug V2, though some of these accessories may be for use with only one or the other. Check with the manufacturer of the accessory to see if it is compatible with both models.

How to Use the Cuttlebug

The Cuttlebug machine is easy to use and does not require electricity. Place the main machine plate on a flat surface. Lay your die with the foam side up, or embossing folder, on top of the plate, then lay your paper or plastic over the die. If using the embossing folder, put the paper inside the folder and close it. Place the second plate on top of the paper or folder to make a sandwich, then put the sandwich into the opening. Roll the sandwich through the opening using the handle on the side of the machine, then remove the paper from the sandwich.

The Original Cuttlebug

The original Cuttlebug machine does not differ much from the Cuttlebug V2. The machine looks similar to a small green stereo. It has a plastic outer casing that is green and white, with a carrying handle on the top and the rotary handle for using the machine on the side. The front and back plastic trays fold open so you can load and unload the plates during use.

Cuttlebug V2

The second version of the Cuttlebug has a few new features. The outer casing on the Cuttlebug V2 is made of tougher plastic. The rotary handle that you use to crank the plates through the press can be folded into the body of the Cuttlebug V2, making it more portable than the original. All of the Cuttlebug accessories manufactured by Provo Crafts work with both models.

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