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Engine Specifications for a Farmall

Farmall tractors were found on many farms in the 1950s and 60s.
Tractor black and white image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.com

The Farmall brand began in 1924 when International Harvester introduced a line of machines known as row-crop tractors. The company manufactured various liquid-cooled engines for the Farmall line, each with letter designations followed by a number. The number is the size of the engine in cubic inches.

Farmall A, B & C

The C-113 engine is found in the Farmall A, B, and C series tractors manufactured between 1947 and 1954. These four-cylinder motors operate with gasoline or kerosene, both of which provide an rpm rating of 1,400. Maximum power provided from the engine is 19 horsepower, making it capable of pulling a one-bottom plow. The C-113 spark plug firing order is 1-3-4-2 with a compression ratio of 6-to-1. These engines require 5 quarts of oil and have a manual starter as standard equipment with an electric starter optional. The C-113 engine on Farmall A series models is offset from the center of the tractor to give the operator a clear view of crops during cultivation.

Farmall 340

The Farmall 340 series tractor manufactured from 1958 to 1963 incorporates the C-135 engine model. This four-cylinder engine is gasoline powered and has 47 horsepower. With a compression ratio of 7.6-to-1, the C-135 has an rpm rating of 2,000. Oil capacity for the C-135 is 5 quarts. This series design also incorporates a D-166 diesel engine option. The diesel option began with the 1960 Farmall 340 model. While the horsepower of the D-166 is identical to the C-135, the diesel engine has a higher compression ratio of 19.2-to-1, requires 7 quarts of oil and weighs nearly 500 lbs. more than the gasoline engine.

Farmall 460

Manufactured between 1958 and 1963, the Farmall 460 tractor features the C-221 6-cylinder engine. The C-221 operates with gasoline or optional LP (liquefied petroleum) gas. Both the gasoline and LP gas versions of the engine provide 1,800 rpm and 50 horsepower. The compression ratio for the gasoline model is 7.2-to-1 with the LP gas version slightly higher at 8.75-to-1. The Farmall 460 has an optional six-cylinder, D-236 diesel-powered engine providing identical rpm and horsepower of the C-221. In 1959, Farmall determined the engines incorporated with the 460 model were too powerful for the machines final drive system and offered a replacement drive mechanism for each tractor.

Farmall 756

International Harvester’s D-310 diesel engine is standard on the Farmall 756. This engine has a six-cylinder design providing 2,300 rpm and a compression ratio of 16-to-1. The oil capacity of the D-310 is 12 quarts. In addition to a diesel engine, the Farmall 756 was designed with the optional C-291 gasoline or LP gas motor. Both C-291 engines are six-cylinder and have the same rpm rating as the diesel. The compression ratio for these engines is 7.6-to-1, and each requires 9 quarts of oil. The Farmall 756 has an engine horsepower rating of 76 for both the D-310 and C-291 engines. This Farmall tractor was manufactured from 1967 to 1971.

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