The Best Rated Sewing Machines for Quilters

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Just as you are finishing up an intricate quilt, your sewing machine jams and ruins the entire project. Rather than dealing with an inadequate sewing machine, purchase a highly rated sewing machine that works best for quilters. You won't ruin any more of your quilting masterpieces once you get the right sewing machine.

Brother XL-2600i

This mechanical Brother brand sewing machine is popular with those new to quilting. Although it comes with simple levers, buttons and knobs to control aspects of the machine, it makes up for these inadequacies with a low price. Averaging around $100 as of spring 2010, the Brother XL-2600i has more features and higher quality than other brands in its price range. It features a one-year warranty and works well for home sewing projects including the creation of quilts.

Brother CS-6000i

A higher quality sewing machine for quilters, the Brother CS-6000i features computerized controls. The computerized features allow quilters to avoid using a foot pedal by using start, stop and reverse buttons instead. It comes with 60 different built-in stitches to provide a wide variety of quilting stippling designs. Because it is heavy-duty, it can handle large quilting projects easier than other machines. The Brother CS-6000i is easy to learn and is a good choice for those new to quilting. It retails for $160 on average as of spring 2010.

Bernina Activa 220

The Bernina Activa 220 provides features not often found in inexpensive sewing machines. Produce creative meandering and stippling stitch designs on your quilt using the Free Hand System. The computerized Bernina Activa 220 has an LCD screen to help you choose stitch length and width. It also has internal memory so you can keep the same stitch for your quilt throughout the project. This high-end sewing machine retails for $1,100 on average as of spring 2010.

Singer 7463 Confidence

Because the Singer 7463 Confidence sewing machine has a heavy metal frame, it can sew through thick quilts with ease. In addition to 30 different stitch patterns, it also has an automatic needle threader. This makes quilting quicker than other machines that require hand-threading. Adjust the stitch width and length to your desired decorative quilting stitch. The Singer 7463 Confidence retails for an average price of $250 as of spring 2010.