The Best Pillows for a Bad Neck

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The best pillows for people with bad necks provide natural support that holds the body in normal alignment. Supportive neck pillows reduce neck, shoulder and head pain and improve the comfort of those who use them. Consider the size, thickness, shape, filling material and cover material when you choose a pillow to ensure your comfort.

Posture Med Contour Pillow

A doctor designed the Posture Med Contour Pillow specially for people who suffer from neck pain. The pillow is constructed of two types of soft memory foam to provide the proper density and compression for comfort. The sides are made with 4 or 5-inch contour rolls to give support to side and back sleepers. The cover is made of 80 percent cotton and is machine washable.

Inflatable Pillow

The air cells of the inflatable pillow move independently to provide the proper head and neck alignment. Two zones—one for your head and one for your neck—can easily be adjusted with valves for the most comfortable support. The inflatable pillow also reduces pressure points on your face, head and neck, and helps maintain proper blood flow. The pillow is made of polymeric vinyl with a triple-layer cover of stretch velour, anti-microbial fiber and stretch jersey. The cover is machine washable.

Buckwheat Comfort Pillow

Health care professionals recommend buckwheat pillows for proper alignment of the spine to reduce head and neck pain. Buckwheat hulls are a natural, environmentally safe alternative to foam or fiber filling for pillows. The Buckwheat Comfort Pillow contains nine pounds of organically grown buckwheat hulls that have not been treated with pesticides or fumigants. You can remove or add hulls to provide the ideal support system for your comfort. The hulls are enclosed in a 100 percent cotton quilted cover with a safe-lock zipper. The pillowcase is also quilted, which reduces the noise of the hulls and gives a soft sleeping surface.