The Best Magic Tricks Revealed

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

The key to doing magic tricks is getting your audience to focus on you, and on what you are telling them you are doing, not what you are actually doing. Magic is all about shifting the focus during key parts of the tricks. If you practice your tricks often, your delivery will be flawless, and that is how the best magic tricks are done. When the secrets behind the magic tricks are revealed, you will be shocked at how simple they really are.

Disappearing Money

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

For this trick, you will need a coin, such as a quarter or half dollar, and a square piece of paper that is large enough to be folded over the coin. As you practice this trick, you will learn what paper sizes work best for different coins. You will also need a “magic wand,” which you can buy at a toy store or costume store, or something to act as a magic wand, such as a pointer or even a stick; make sure whatever type of wand you choose, it is small enough to fit in your pocket, because this is key to the success of the trick.

Begin the trick by placing a coin in the center of the piece of paper. Fold the bottom of the paper upwards, but do not make it even with the other side of the paper; instead, fold it so that it covers the coin, but leave a small lip at the top of about 1 centimeter. Next, fold each side of the paper backwards, away from the open side, creating a little pocket for the coin. Finally, fold the lip backwards, not forward, so that the side is open and not sealed inside. As you’re folding, remember not to fold too tightly. You want to leave enough of a gap so that later, the coin can easily slip out of the pocket and into your hand.

As you’re folding, be sure to squeeze the coin slightly beneath the paper, making an indentation around the coin. That way, later when the coin slips out, it will still appear as though it is inside the paper. To finish the trick, drop the coin out of the paper and into your hand. If the paper was folded correctly, it should just easily slip into your palm. Make sure you slip the coin into the hand that you will also use to reach into your pocket to get you magic wand. Tell the audience you are getting your magic wand, and as you pull it out of your pocket, drop the coin inside. Tap the paper 3 times, say the magic words, and open the paper to reveal that the coin has, in fact, disappeared.

Paper Into Money

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Begin this trick by cutting four pieces of paper into exactly the same size as four one-dollar bills. This is key to making the trick work. Cut one additional paper, and fold it in half. Fold an additional dollar bill in half and glue or tape half of the dollar to one end of the paper “dollar.” This will act as the base for the other dollar bills and papers. Unfold the paper and dollar bill and stack the additional bills on top of the side with the dollar bill attached. Fold the stack in half, then unfold only the piece of paper, and place the pieces of paper on top of the side with the papers.

To do this trick, hold the stack of money and papers unfolded, with the bills facing down in one hand. Show the pieces of paper by “counting” them out as you would money. Fold them in half again, wave you hand around, and as you do so, flip the paper over to reveal the money side of the stack. Unfold the bills one by one, fan them outward, and even flip them over, but be careful not to flip the bottom bill over, or your audience will see the paper side.