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How to Do the Magic Milk Pitcher Trick

The magic milk pitcher trick is a good option for beginning magicians who want to try an illusion that is quick and easy to master. The magician pours a pitcher of milk into a paper cone, then opens the cone to reveal there is no milk inside. She then pours the milk out of the pitcher and into a glass to prove the milk is real. A trick pitcher is necessary to pull off the illusion, but the trick itself is easy to master.

Things You'll Need:

  • Milk
  • Trick Pitcher
  • Sheet Of Paper
  • Glass

Pour milk into the space between the outer wall of the pitcher and the special lining installed around it. The pitcher will look like it is filled with milk from a distance.

Place the filled pitcher, a glass and a sheet of paper on a table when you are ready to begin.

Roll the piece of paper into a cone.

Lift the bottom of the pitcher up as you pretend to pour the milk into the cone and keep the lip of the pitcher obscured. Because of a barrier at the lip of the pitcher and a cutout in the liner, the milk will flow from the liner into the pitcher.

Open the cone and show the audience there is no milk inside.

Lift the bottom of the pitcher a second time to pour the "rest" of the milk into a glass to show people the milk is real.


Trick pitchers are available at retail outlets such as Amazon and Sears. They are also sold in magic supply stores.

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