How to Multiply Rabbits With a Magic Trick

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The multiplying rabbits magic trick is a simple and effective close-up magic tricks. Usually performed to children, the trick involves three-dimensional sponge rabbits that magically multiply after being held in the hand of a volunteer. You can perform this trick by purchasing the "3D multiplying rabbits" gimmick available from all major magic retailers, practicing your sleight of hand and developing a story or "patter" that enhances the effectiveness of the trick.

Remove your 3D sponge rabbits from the packaging. Place the two large sponge rabbits on a flat surface in front of you and the other five smaller rabbits in your pocket. Make sure nobody else sees you do this.

Recruit a volunteer to help you with the trick.

Ask the volunteer to choose one rabbit. Name one rabbit the "Mamma" and the other rabbit the "Papa." Tell the volunteer that the "Mamma" rabbit and the "Papa" rabbit don't like being away from each other so separating them rarely works.

Ask the volunteer to squeeze the rabbit he has chosen tightly in one hand while you pretend to place the second rabbit in your pocket. This move is called a "false transfer." Squeeze the second rabbit into a ball and secure in your right hand.

Place your right hand over the palm of your volunteer and place the second rabbit against the first, squeezing them together while closing your volunteer's hand. Provided you practice sleight of hand and the second rabbit is squeezed tightly, your volunteer will not feel the second sponge rabbit in his hand.

Ask the volunteer to open his hand. There will now be two sponge rabbits in his hand; "Mamma" and "Papa" rabbit have "magically" reunited.

Remove the two rabbits from the hand of your volunteer and place them in front of you. Use your left hand to place the rabbits back on the palm of your volunteer while your right hand reaches into your pocket for the five remaining sponge rabbits. Squeeze them into a small ball and secure them tightly in your hand.

Place your right hand over the palm of your volunteer and place the remaining rabbits against the other sponge rabbits, squeezing them together while closing your volunteer's hand.

Ask the volunteer to open his hand again. "Mamma" and "Papa" rabbits have multiplied and there are now five baby rabbits that join them inside the volunteer's hand.


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