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How to Do the Hummer Floating Card Trick

The hummer flying card trick is an amazing example of magic using a playing card. The card appears to float from one of your hands to the other before circling your body, and can even jump from a spectators hand and hover between him and you. Performing this trick takes a bit of practice and skill, but the results are so amazing that it will be worth the effort.

Cut a piece of fishing line about 2 feet long with the scissors. Tape one end of the piece of fishing wire to the middle of the front of the playing card.

Attach the other end of the piece of fishing wire behind your right ear using the Magician’s wax.

Hold the card by the edge and give it a spin as you release it. Catch the fishing line between the index and second finger of your right hand.

Twirl the card using the fingers of your right hand. Raise the card up and down by lifting or lowering your right hand.

Raise the card back up to your hand and hold it by the edge when you are done performing the hummer floating card trick.

Things You'll Need:

  • Playing card
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line
  • Magicians wax


Practice the hummer floating card trick with a partner who can tell you how it looks from the spectator's point of view.


  • Revealing the secret behind hummer floating card trick is a violation of the code of magicians and should not be done.
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