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How to Replace the Tape in a Dispenser

A tape dispenser is part of a complete desk set.
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A desktop tape dispenser is a great convenience. It allows you to pull off a piece of tape with only one hand. The weight of the base of the dispenser holds it in place as you pull. Installing a roll of replacement tape is quick and easy. Replacement tape rolls can be found at office supply stores and discount stores. Save money by buying replacement tape in bulk.

Lift the empty roll of tape from the base of the tape dispenser by pushing it back away from the cutter and then lifting it straight up. The spindle in the middle of the tape roll will also be lifted out.

Push the spindle out of the center of the tape roll.

Push the spindle into the hole in the middle of the new roll of tape. Attach the tape to the center of the spindle.

Replace the spindle on the base by dropping it in place in the middle of the dispenser the same way you lifted it out.. It will roll forward and into place. Be sure the end of the tape is toward the cutting teeth on the front of the dispenser.

Pull the end of the tape toward the cutting teeth. Use the teeth to cut off the paper on the end of the tape. The tape will stick to the teeth and be ready to use.


A tape dispenser will accommodate either single- or double-sided tape. Some tape dispensers will accommodate several different widths of tape.

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