Ten Good Reasons You Should Listen to Music

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Music is everywhere we turn, whether heard on the radio or in a movie, or piped into a restaurant or other public space. Listening to music can be a learning experience for children, a soothing sound for a baby or even a blast to the past for an older generation.

Childhood Memories

No matter how old you are, you will always remember a song from your past. Many of us identify with a piece of music, or a number of pieces, from our childhood, and often when we hear that song, we begin to think of particular childhood memories. Music can bring back memories you may have forgotten, and it can help you travel down memory lane.

Concentration Development

Listening to music forces you to concentrate on what you are listening to — especially if you are learning to play a musical instrument as well. This focus will then turn to everyday life, where you will consequently concentrate deeper in school lessons, at work or even just in a simple conversation.

Soothing Sensation

Music does not always have to have lyrics or pep you up. Music can soothe babies down from a long day or help a mother sing a lullaby to her little ones as they go down for sleep. Many adults will listen to classical or jazz music to help calm them down for the day as well.

Energizing Sensation

Just as music can help calm down a person, it can also give a person energy; many gyms encourage listening to an MP3 player, or they play upbeat music over their speakers. Listening to music with a beat or lively tune will help keep your natural energy going.

Exploring New Things

Many times, we are only exposed to the music our parents or friends listen to. Exploring different types of music can broaden our experiences but also expose us to types of music we may have never thought we would like before.

Intellectual Challenges

Music can actually challenge us intellectually; songs typically represent a story or a purpose to interpret. It can challenge you to study that son and its reasons creation and even use the motivation of that song in your own daily life.


Often, a song playing on the radio or from a CD will remind you of a situation you are currently experiencing. Sometimes just listening to that song can give you motivation to get through the situation at hand and even overcome something. Music often can touch us more deeply and reach us more profoundly than regular words and bring us up to a challenge.

Boost Creativity

Music is a creative work of art. Though not everyone who listens to music becomes an artist, people listening to music tend to feel more creative in the task they are doing, such as writing, painting or even cleaning the house.

Mood Changes

Music can help change your mood when you are feeling excessively up or down. Many artists will write their songs when they are down themselves only to help lift up others who are feeling down for the same reasons. The same goes for songs that can actually make a person go from happy to a sad just by relating to the lyrics and notes of the song.

Increased Productivity

No matter what task you are performing, silence never seems to promote productivity; cleaning the house, typing or even cooking all seem to go a little faster when you have some music in the background to help you along. Next time you have a task at hand, try playing music that suits the task, such as high-energy music for cleaning, some jazz for cooking dinner or even music that suits the topic you're typing about.