Spiderwire Knot Tying Instructions

Spiderwire is a strong, multifilament fishing line that incorporates a braided pattern that phenomenally increases the strength of the line when it is compared to similar monofilament fibers. The supreme strength and size ratio of spectra-type spiderwire makes it ideally suited for big game and kite fishing. The line is 1/3 the diameter of a monofilament wire for the same breaking strength, meaning that more fishing line can be fitted onto the reel, greatly increasing your range. Tying knots in this ultra-strong material, however, requires special techniques to maximize the life of the line.

Importance of a Correctly Tied Knot

As with any fiber, correct knot tying ensures that your valuable investment is protected from breakage through excessive tension. The simple granny knot drastically increases the strain on the line, making it prone to breakage. The correct knots to use include the palomino and a Bimini twist in order to maximize the breaking strength of the line.

According to Paul's Fishing Kites, encasing the line in a hollow Dacron sheath before knotting is best.to further maximize the strength of a knot tied in spiderwire. This provides protection to the filaments and buffers them, preventing them from cutting into each other when in close proximity. Spiderwire is exceptionally small and strong. The decreased line profile makes the knots smaller and tighter than in traditional wire.

By buffering the knots with Dacron, the force going through the knot is decreased, protecting the line from breakage. The Dacron should be of a breaking strain higher than that of the spiderwire.

Types of Knot Tying

Many suitable knots can be tied in spiderwire once it has been sheathed in Dacron. If the sheath is not used, there is a significant risk of line breakage due to the high friction forces that occur when the fibers rub against each other in the knot.

Take the time to learn how to tie the knots correctly when buying the line, and the staff at the fishing or kite supply store will be able to give you a hands-on demonstration of how to tie the Bimini twist, the palomino and even the granny knot. They also can help you to choose the correct breaking strain for the application you will give your line. By choosing the correct line for your needs, you will save money and time.

Spiderwire Strength

Relative to nylon monofilament wire of the same diameter, spiderwire is three times as strong. This means that for the same breaking strain of nylon, a spiderwire 1/3 the diameter can be used. Spiderwire is available in a variety of lengths, with multiple colors braided into some types, and in a wide range of breaking strengths. Additionally, it may be sold under the name Spectra line.