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Put the String on a Shakespeare Fishing Pole

Whether you have an Ugly Stick or some other type of Shakespeare fishing pole, putting the string on can be a little tricky if you are by yourself. You must be careful at all stages, or you will find yourself restringing your pole until you get it right. This is still much easier than actually catching the fish!

Check your fishing pole to make sure all the eyes are in good shape and everything appears to be in order. The last thing you want to do is start stringing your pole, only to realize it's got a busted tip or some other deformity.

Make sure your reel is clean and in good working order. Cut off any orphan fishing line that's hanging there, and take it apart to make sure non is wrapped up inside.

Starting from the tip of your pole, thread the string through each eye.

Attach the string to your reel.

Reel the line until the spool is full. Be sure to do this slowly, and try to find a way to keep enough tension on the line so that it doesn't get tangled up or wrap sloppy.


  • Many people put their spool of thread on a pencil, and get a friend to hold this to create the necessary tension.


  • * If this isn't done properly, you will run into problems later.
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