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How to Make Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Sticks for Outdoor Bamboo Blind

If you have a supply of bamboo readily available, you should consider making your own outdoor bamboo blinds. These are great for a covered patio or arbor, where you would like to block some of the hot summer sun. If you have a sharp saw and a few supplies, you can make your own to hang proudly.

Bamboo Sticks for Outdoor Bamboo Blind

Things You'll Need:

  • Bamboo
  • Tarred Twine
  • Miter Saw Or Hack Saw

Cut your bamboo so that it is the length you want for the width of your blind. Try to keep the size of the bamboo as similar as possible so that it looks uniform when you weave them all together. You need to use a fine-toothed saw for this like a miter saw or a hack saw. Also remember to keep your bamboo about 1/2 inch thick or it will get very heavy fast with the larger pieces.

Take one of the larger pieces of bamboo sections and tie 3 strings to it. The strings need to be three times as long as the length of the shade. Fold them in half and drape them over the pole at the midway mark. Tie them on with a simple knot. You should have two strings on the ends, about 6 inches in and another in the middle.

Lay the pole down with the strings facing you. Keep the bottom string down on the ground and lift the top string up and lay it over the top of the pole. This is the beginning of your weaving process for holding the bamboo poles together.

Set the next bamboo pole on top of the bottom string and next to the first pole. Bring the bottom string up and lay it on top of the bamboo and bring the top string down and lay it on the ground. Add the next pole and do the same pattern, pull the bottom string up and over and lay the top string down. This pattern with weave the poles together.

Tighten the strings as you go, so the mat is not too loose. The reason for the tarred twine is the grip it will have on the bamboo. When you get to the bottom pole. wrap the string around it twice and knot it off. Your shade it now ready to hang on hooks anywhere outside where you need a little privacy or relief from the sun.

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