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How to Tie String to a Kite

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Tying the thread onto a kite is an important step in the whole kite-making process. This is the process of attaching the finished kite the flying line that you are going to use to fly it with. This is an important part of the process and necessary to ensure that the kite flies well.

Locate the center spar of the kite. This is the section that is directly in the middle of the kite. For a simple diamond kite, this is the horizontal piece of wood that forms the kite.

Balance the kite along the center spar. This can be in different places depending on the kite. This will help determine the best place to attach the flying line and will help the kite fly. Attach a piece of thread with tape or a quick knot. Fly the kite up and down with the temporary string. The kite should move smoothly through the air if you've found the correct spot.

Thread the needle with the heavy duty thread. Use enough thread so that you can make all the knots that you need and still have left over. You can always cut away the excess.

Sew through the front of the kite at the spot that you determined was best, wrap the thread around the spine of the kite and sew back through to the front of the kite again. Leave one end of the thread long and the other closer to the kite.

Secure the string by knotting one shorter end of the string around the longer end. These two ends will form a triangle with the kite. This section is called the bridle.

Tie an overhand loop in the second end of the string. This will give you the loop to tie the flying line to. Cut any excess thread near the knots but leave a little extra near the knot to keep them secure.

Slip the beginning of the flying line through the loop that you created in Step 6 and knot securely. The kite is ready to be flown.

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