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Singer Toy Sewing Machine Instructions

Toy sewing machines resemble larger versions in many aspects.
Sewing Machine Needle image by C Agoncillo from Fotolia.com

A toy Singer sewing machine introduces the mechanics of sewing on a device versus sewing by hand. The many moving parts of the Singer toy sewing machine closely approximate the larger model machines. Children can gain sewing experience by threading the machine and bobbin, feeling the tension and learning how the presser foot slowly guides the fabric. While specifics vary among Singer models, the Colorstitch sewing machine illustrates the general process.

Bobbin Winding

Access the bobbin winder through the spool compartment and push it up.

Rotate the hand-wheel counterclockwise and hear the bobbin winder click into place.

Put a spool of thread in the compartment and feed it through the thread guide. Close this compartment.

Place a bobbin on the winder and wrap thread around it a few times clockwise.

Slide the speed control to slow.

Switch the machine on and press slowly on the foot pedal.

Fill the bobbin and then cut the thread. Use a pencil to guide the thread while winding.

Remove from compartment and lower the knob to the original position.


Raise the needle housing with the hand-wheel to the highest position.

Put the presser foot down.

Unscrew the screw at the top of the needle housing.

Place a needle into position with the flat side facing the screw. Push it up as far as it will go and hold it while you tighten the screw to secure it.

Inserting a Bobbin

Open the bobbin compartment to reveal the bobbin housing under the presser foot.

Place a clockwise-wound bobbin in this compartment.

Pull and place 3 inches of thread across the bobbin case slot.

Lower the case lever and pull the thread to feel the tension. Adjust the tension with a cross screwdriver. Have a slight tension for thin fabrics and even less tension for heavier ones.

Put the bobbin case into the machine.

Place the spring-loaded latch back into its proper position.


Thread the machine through the stationary thread guide, around the tension wheel, through the moving guide and then through the eye of the needle.

Turn the machine on, lower the presser foot on top of fabric and slowly depress the foot pedal.

Guide the fabric as the machine begins to sew. Do not push or pull material but allow it to move with the action of the presser foot.

Lift the presser foot at the end of a seam and pull the material slightly away from the machine. Cut the thread.

Things You'll Need:

  • Thread
  • Bobbin
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Fabric


  • Use with adult oversight.
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