Simple Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Design small, simple wedding centerpieces that still have style.
Tables decorated at a wedding reception. image by Gina Smith from

Weddings are a time for celebration, but many brides (and grooms) are interested in keeping their reception decorations simple. Simple wedding decorations allow you to spend more time enjoying the days leading up to your memorable occasion, and will feel better on your wallet. With some research you can come up with easy centerpiece and other decoration ideas that are elegant, yet not overly extravagant.


Nobody says your wedding reception table centerpieces have to be three stories high. In fact, a low centerpiece makes it easier for your guests to talk to one another across the table. To keep centerpieces simple, look for low vases, such as a clear fishbowl vase, and fill it with bunches of small flowers. An alternative to flowers is to fill the bowl with fruit that correlates to your color scheme. For instance, if your wedding colors are white and green, fill the fishbowls with key limes to give your table a pop of color. Books and candles also make for elegant centerpieces.


Rather than hiring a lighting vendor to decorate your wedding reception venue with special lighting effects, you and your bridal (or groom) party can set up the reception hall yourselves by stringing twinkle lights around the room. LED flicker candles are another simple alternative to fancy lighting. Set LED flicker candles on tables and around the cake to give the room a romantic ambience.

Chair Sashes

Special linens, such as chair covers, can add up and be expensive. A simple way to add some flair to your chairs is to simply tie a tulle bow on the backs of the seat. You can use white tulle or match the tulle color to your wedding color scheme to brighten up the chair.

Table Linens

Your table linens are simplest when left white, ivory or black. Most wedding venues offer these neutral hues for their reception tables, with matching napkins. Instead of dressing up your table linens, keep them neutral and let your centerpieces fill the table with color. Another option is to rent table runners (in your color scheme) to place them over the neutral linen.

Bottles and Jars

For a romantic or vintage wedding theme, place glass bottles, such as empty wine bottles, around the reception room and fill them with fresh or dried flowers. Glass jars make a distinctive decoration idea, and can be filled with candy, cinnamon sticks, candles, potpourri or colorful marbles.