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How to Compare Brother Sewing/embroidery Machines Vs. Babylock Machines

brother sewing/embroidery machine

Have you ever wanted to compare embroidery/sewing machine models between Brother and Babylock? Than please read this article and discover the secrets the manufacturers don't want you to know.

my brother sewing/embroidery machine

Two of the top sewing/embroidery machine makers are Brother and Babylock. Both make wonderful machines that will give you years of enjoyment. Did you know that many of Babylock machines are manufactured by Brother? Read this article to discover which Babylock sewing embroidery machines are the equivalents of Brother machines.

You are about to learn some secrets of the sewing machine industry. You will be amazed how close the features are the Brother and the Babylock machines. The main differences have to do with the designs included on the machines. Brother has Disney designs and Babylock has designs by Nancy Zieman.

Other than that the machines are practically clones. Here are the Brother embroidery/sewing machine equivalents for the latest models.
The Brother Innovis 4500D is equivalent to Babylock Ellegante. The Brother Innovis 2500D is equivalent to Babylock Ellageo model BLL.

Please note that there is an older Ellageo model ESG3 and the Brother sewing/embroidery machine equivalent for that model is the Brother Ultimate 2003.
Personally, I love the Ellageo BLL model and would recommend it as a good choice for someone looking to get into machine embroidery.

One of the reasons I would recommend this model is that the price is much more reasonable than the latest models from either Brother or Babylock and there are enough terrific features to keep a beginner through an intermediate sewing/embroiderer very happy indeed. You can get a good deal on this model on ebay or from a dealer who might have one as a trade in from someone who just purchased one of the newer model sewing/embroidery machines.

Regarding the latest Babylock and Brother sewing/embroidery machine models the Ellisimo is similar to the Quattro but I think the Brother Quattro offers a little more.
Don't forget to check out the resource box below this article. I have put links where you can check out the latest prices on Brother sewing/embroidery machines and Babylock sewing/embroidery machines.

Compare the latest 3 models from both Brother and Babylock to get a good idea of the features vs the price range you want to pay. Have fun. I love to compare sewing/embroidery machines. Just imagine what projects you would be doing if you owned that particular model machine and you will discover the model that is right for your needs.


Both Babylock and Brother offer terrific sewing/embroidery machines. Either manufacturer will provide you with a machine that will bring you years of enjoyment.


  • Always remember to purchase a warranty with your sewing/embroidery machine. If you purchase a used machine on ebay and the seller doesn't offer a warranty than purchase a warranty from Square Trade.
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