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How to Sell Matchbox Cars

Matchbox cars are often more than just cars racing around a pretend racetrack for kids. Adults enjoy reinventing their childhood by collecting these die-cast vehicles. Some people own collections that are worth more in value than they could have imagined. Many factors affect the cars' values including popularity, packaging and condition. Selling one or even a collection can be done with ease. Read on to learn how to sell Matchbox cars.

Understand their value so you can get a fair price. Find out what collectors are buying, and how your pieces compare. Use historical pricing in past auctions, books or word of mouth.

Advertise locally in newspapers or free online classified ads. Buyers and sellers can save on shipping if they purchase locally.

Explore specialty collectible toy sites. These sites allow you to buy or sell collectible toys. Some sites will show up to date pricing of recently sold items so you can see the value of your comparable items.

Join a club with similar interests. The Matchbox Club is a continuation of The Matchbox International Collectors Association that was in existence for 22 years. You can have access to free classified ads, news about collecting and members stories of their collections. Plus you can have contact with experienced sellers.

Put your cars up for sale online through auction sites such as eBay. This site automatically gives you a large audience.

Subscribe and read literature on collecting and selling these cars. These publications can provide you with specifics on how to price your items. Numerous books have been written about this specific subject including books on how to sell collectibles on both auction sites and direct.

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