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How to Sell a Rubber Stamp Collection

How to sell a rubber stamp collection
Rubber stamp image by Bartlomiej Nowak from Fotolia.com

When it is time to sell a rubber stamp collection, you will want to get the most you can for what can be an expensive collection of craft supplies. You will also want to be able to reach potential buyers. Rubber-stamping is very popular. There are always people looking for new supplies or good deals on rubber stamps. Decide ahead of time, whether you are selling the complete collection as one purchase, or if you are willing to sell the collection in individual pieces.

Know what you are selling. Use the correct terminology to describe your stamp collection. List the rubber stamps as sets or single stamps, mounted or unmounted, the type of mounting, whether they are used or unused, and if they are retired or current. Also list their conditions.

Post your stamp collection on online auctions or on free sites such as eBay to reach a large audience. List the rubber stamps separately or in groups. This way you will reach local and distant stamping crafters.

List your stamp collection in a local newspaper to make it easier for you to sell locally and to avoid shipping or transportation costs. Local rubber stamp enthusiasts may be more willing to buy a rubber stamp collection or part of one if they can see the rubber stamps in person.

Sell at a stamp group or club. Rubber stampers often work in groups to share techniques, ideas and supplies. Contact fellow enthusiasts and let them know you have a collection for sale. Bring your collection to group meetings to offer them for sale. Provide flyers with a general list of what you are selling, and pass them out so potential buyers can contact you.

Go to local craft groups to sell the stamps. Crafters often use multiple types of crafting supplies for different projects. A person who loves crafts and works in other art mediums may have uses for rubber stamps, even though they are not specializing in rubber stamps. Pass out your flyers to various types of crafters.

Find local church, school, store or community bulletin boards where you can post your collection for sale. Try local rubber stamp or craft stores that have bulletin boards and perhaps, connections to other rubber stamp hobbyists and craft enthusiasts.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flyers (optional)
  • Internet access
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