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How to Start a Gospel Group

Starting a gospel group begins by assessing the talents of potential members.
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Gospel music is a popular genre with roots stemming from the church, based upon Christian principles and teachings. Gospel groups perform some of the soul-stirring music that continues to inspire and encourage many people today. Some gospel groups have achieved great success as performing and recording artists. The humble beginnings of any music group are critical to creating and developing a successful group. If you are thinking about starting a gospel group of your own, these steps will help you.

Decide what type of group you want to form. A singing group, a duo, a quartet, a band, or a combination of musicians and vocalists are options.

Determine which style of gospel music best suits your group. There are many types such as urban contemporary, southern gospel, progressive, or even instrumental. Your group may fit into one or multiple subcategories.

Devise a unique name for your group.

Hold auditions. Unless your group will consist of all family members, you will need to search for potential group members who have the talent and ability to fit in. Having a group that consists of multitalented individuals who play more than one role (or instrument) is an asset. Look for people who are not simply talented but are also passionate about performing gospel music.

Practice. Before you begin to perform as a gospel group, practice is necessary to ensure that all gifts and talents come together. Scheduling regular weekly rehearsals is ideal. This is an opportunity to present new ideas and music to the group.

Set goals. Some gospel groups may not be concerned about achieving heightened fame or fortune but simply blessing people with their music. Other groups may have desires to share their gift with the world, expanding beyond a local platform. Clearly state your group’s vision so that everyone in the group knows what is expected and where you are headed.


Stay abreast of the gospel music industry by tapping into resources such as the Gospel Music Association.

If your goals as a group are to expand beyond a local audience, consider hiring or appointing a manager to help find performance engagements and other opportunities.

Pick up literature, visit blogs, do an Internet search on the gospel music industry. Reading books such as "The Beginner’s Guide To The Gospel Music Industry" will expand your knowledge on the industry.

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