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How to Redeem Gold Bond Stamps

The Gold Bond Stamp Company started during the Great Depression as a way for grocery store owners to draw in customers by offering a special incentive: each time a customer made a purchase, they would receive stamps. As the stamps filled little gold books, customers could exchange them for free merchandise. The popularity of Gold Bond Stamps waned in the 1970s, and over time store discount cards took over as the incentive of choice for groceries and supermarkets. The Gold Bond Stamp Company is still in business, now known as Carlson.

Organize your Gold Bond Stamps into Gold Bond booklets if they're loose.

Call the Gold Bond Stamp mail order department at 1-800-625-1331 to make sure the stamps are still being accepted and to determine the value of your stamps.

Request a merchandise catalog if it's determined that your stamps can be redeemed. The catalog will most likely be mailed to you.

Select an item from the Gold Bond Stamp catalog based on your stamp quantity.

Package and ship your stamp booklets, along with the catalog order form, as directed by the Gold Bond Stamp department.


Depending on how old or rare your stamps and booklets are, you may find that they are more valuable as collectors' items. Before redeeming the stamps, research the value of what you have online. Loose stamps, while they can't be redeemed, may have more value to collectors than stamps in books.


  • Do not mail Gold Bond Stamps without contacting the company first. Stamps may not be accepted if there are too few or if they are not properly organized.
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