Road Signs Arts & Crafts Project Ideas

By Natasha Lawrence ; Updated September 15, 2017
Road signs

Create colorful road signs with simple materials to display in rooms in the house, office or other building. Create a number of different ones to give as gifts for a teenager's wall, as a joke for someone with a good sense of humor or real and practical uses. A little imagination can go a long way. These lightweight signs don't have to be true-to-life sizes, but designs should be fairly recognizable with colors and shapes.


Purchase white and colored foam core sheets at crafts stores such as Michaels or AC Moore (see Resources below) that match the background colors of the road signs to be created. Also purchase peel-and-stick white foam letters in block print that match the lettering on a desired sign. Other materials should include black markers, foam sheets, scissors, mat knife, metal straight edge, ruler, white glue and hanging hooks. Large white paper sheets such as freezer paper can be used to make sign templates.

Road Sign Ideas

Choose a road sign design to make that can include "Stop," "Do Not Enter," "No Parking," "Yield," "Slow" or "Bump." They can also include arrows and images and be written in foreign languages. Make a template of the sign desired using the white freezer paper, or if the sign is small, on white copy paper. Cut the foam core in the shape of the road sign with a mat knife after marking the template. Add letters and add additional accents with black markers where appropriate. Attach wall hooks (peel and stick) on the back of the foam core to hang on a wall. Cut foam sheets to fit into the road sign for contrasting color where needed and glue.

A Few Tips

Personalize the road signs by adding a name or write humorous accents such as "Jerry's Parking Spot." Review road signs at the United States or international marker sign websites (see References) or color schemes and shapes. Other craft projects with road signs as a theme can be gift tags or mini signs key chains.

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