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Apache Indian Project Ideas for Kids

Kids can make paper moccasins that emulate the original Apache Indian version.
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Kids can celebrate the Apache Indian culture by creating arts and crafts that emulate Native American art. They can easily find Apache Indian project ideas by searching the Internet, their local or school library, or a Native American Museum. The Apache Indians are one of the most famous Indian tribes. They were known for their bow and arrows, jewelry, tomahawks and baskets.


Apache Indians wore hard sole two-piece moccasins with a turned up toe to prevent sharp objects from injuring their feet. Kids can make paper moccasins or suede moccasins that look similar to the style that Apache Indians wore in the eighteenth century. Kids can research the Internet for directions on how to make moccasins. They should also look for images of authentic Apache moccasins on the Internet or at the library. For this project, they will need construction paper or suede, needles and thread, a brown paper bag, scissors, ruler and a pen.

Miniature Wickiups

Creating a miniature wickiup model is a fun project that will give students an idea of how the Apache Indians lived. Apache Indians lived in wickiups, which are wooden frames covered with bark and brush. Wickiups were cone-shaped, small dwellings the size of a modern camp tent. Kids can create a model wickiup using a large round margarine container, brown paint, masking tape and a paint brush.


Kids can learn to make tomahawks, which have become a popular symbol for American Indian culture. Kids will need cardboard, crayons, a tomahawk template, scissors, feathers, string and tracing paper. They can decorate the tomahawk using crayons and add a feather tied to a string to either side. The original tomahawk is a lightweight ax decorated with silver. It was often presented to Apache Indian chiefs during ceremonies and peace negotiations.


Kids of all ages can make Apache Indian-style jewelry. For instance, they can string silver and onyx beads onto wire to make a necklace that is similar to styles worn by the Apache Indians in the nineteenth century. Apache Indian men and women were known to wear shell jewelry and choker-style necklaces.

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