Road Rally Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Planning a mobile scavenger hunt is simple and fun with a little planning and preparation. Research topics or themes prior to playing and create applicable--and creative--lists. Allow participants to take photos, draw images or collect free memorabilia such as printed beverage napkins, matchbooks or business cards as proof from locations. Host a decade-specific hunt such as the 1970s or '80s or focus on a particular color or letter in the alphabet for inspiration.

The more creative your theme--particularly the items participants will be hunting--the more exciting the event.


Before instructing all participants to head out on the hunt, you could hand out a list of various types of transportation, especially if your friends are into various makes and models of vehicles. Particular size or types of planes, helicopters, military machines such as tanks, farm equipment, sightseeing and school buses apply. Be specific about types, colors and year ranges for qualifying cars. For example, a Volkswagen Bug, blue and manufactured around the year 2000. Bicycles--two, three or four-wheel--scooters--foot-motored or with engines--pogo sticks, trains and public transportation trains are also suitable items. RVs, pop-up campers, trailers and semi-trucks with license plates from specific states also apply. All groups must get a photo of every item on the list.

All-Girls Hunt

If you want to spend some time with only girlfriends and are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening, compile a list of girls-only items, locations and desires and make enough copies for each pair or group to have at least one. Applicable items could include: a sample product from a cosmetics counter, a swag of fabric in the latest fall pattern, lipstick colors on a sample stick and catalogs from favorite clothing stores. Business cards from flower shops, chocolatiers, perfume outlets, shoe stores, trendy boutiques, a day spa or massage parlor are also applicable. Schedule a couple treatment appointments throughout the day if possible for added fun. For example, everyone must stop for a pedicure or 30 minutes of reflexology and bring back a receipt as proof. Finish the event at a wine bar, review all results and share new experiences for optimum bonding.

Animal Photos & Human Fools

If you're searching for a fun and creative scavenger hunt that enables and encourages participants to express their individuality and act goofy, animal photos and human fools suit your needs. Prior to game play, type up, print out and make enough copies for each group to have at least one list of animals they must find. Instruct all players that it is required that every animal be clearly visible in every photograph--rather than fleeing the scene. Whether you choose to enforce that each group use the same camera and the same camera lens or you allow participants to select personal items is optional. Also, instruct each group that every player in their group must be in at least one photo alongside the animal, mocking that animal's stance, gesture or movements.