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PS3 Blu Ray Remote Instructions

Gabriel Garcia/Demand Media

The Official Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray remote control is a much improved solution to the Playstation 3's media capabilities when compared to the DVD remote Sony dished out for the Playstation 2. The Bluetooth range is very strong and its power efficiency is excellent. Overall the remote does the job very nicely.

Before You Install

Gabriel Garcia/Demand Media

Before syncing the Official Sony Playstation 3 remote with your PS3, you need to make sure you take care of a few things. First, put the batteries into the remote. The cover is located on the rear of the remote control. Your Sony Playstation 3 needs to be running at least firmware version 1.30. Most PS3s are running the proper firmware versions, but just make sure you are up to date, as you will not be able to install the remote without it. You can update your Sony Playstation 3's firmware by doing a system update on your PS3 or you can download the most up to date firmware on your computer and install via compatible portable media storage.

Registering Your Sony Playstation 3 Remote

Gabriel Garcia/Demand Media

To sync the Sony Playstation 3 remote, you need to go into your Playstation 3's settings and register the Bluetooth remote control. This is called "pairing" your devices together. You will only need to do this the first time you use the remote. Every time after, your remote will automatically sync to your Sony Playstation 3. If you ever register your remote with a different Playstation 3 or compatible Bluetooth device, you will need to do this process over again.

Using Your Remote

Gabriel Garcia/Demand Media

The official Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray remote works much like any other DVD/CD or Blu-Ray/HDDVD remote. There are the standard play, stop and pause buttons. There is an eject button located at the top-right corner with the number key pad to the right of that. The fast-forward/rewind buttons are located on either side of the play, stop and pause buttons. Pushing any button on the remote while the Sony Playstation 3 is off will turn on the system.


Gabriel Garcia/Demand Media

The Blu-Ray remote requires two double AA batteries and is very efficient with its power, considering Bluetooth devices generally use up much more power. When it is time to change the batteries, you will notice the remote's range start to become shorter and shorter. Make sure you change both batteries.

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