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How to Access the Debug Menu in a 160 GB PS3

If you are experiencing problems with your Sony PlayStation 3, debug your hard drive using the PS3's “Safe Mode” menu. The menu doesn’t appear unless you press a sequence of buttons. Once initiated, the menu has the following options: restore the system to default settings, restore your file system, rebuild the database, restore the PS3 system, perform a system update or simply restart the system. Using these options is the only way to fix a corrupted PS3 hard drive without taking it to a repair shop.

Things You'll Need:

  • Wireless Controller
  • Ps3 Usb Cable

Plug in the USB cable to the PS3 system USB slot. Do not connect the controller yet.

Hold down the power button on the front of your PS3. You will hear a beep signaling that the system has turned on. Keep holding the power button until you hear a second single beep, then a third single beep. After the third beep, the PS3 system will shut off and you can remove your finger.

Hold down the power button again. There will be a single beep as the system starts up. Continue holding the button for five seconds and you will hear a second single beep. After another five seconds, there will be a double beep. After the double beep, remove your finger from the power button.

Connect your PS3 wireless controller to the USB cable connected to your PS3 USB port.

Press the PS3 button on your PS3 controller to start the Safe Mode menu.

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