Problems With Wah Pedals

Owning a Wah-Wah pedal can add a new dimension to your guitar playing. Though using a Wah pedal in rehearsal or on a gig can be fun, dealing with a malfunctioning or broken pedal can be an unnecessary problem. Learning how to diagnose and fix simple problems with your Wah pedal can save you both time and money, and teach you about the mechanics of your pedal at the same time.


Sometimes a Wah pedal will squeak when it is being used. This can be fixed by spraying WD-40, or similar product, on the gears located just under the top of the foot rest.

Broken Belt

If the pedal feels loose when you push it down, or it will not pop back up then you may need to replace the belt that connects the foot rest to the mechanics of the pedal.


If you are experiencing a buzzing sound from your pedal this could mean that the input or output jacks or inside of the pedal need to be cleaned out. Try blowing air, or using a vacuum on low power, to clean out the jacks and inside of the pedal.

No Sound

If there is no sound coming from your amp once the pedal is plugged in, this may indicate that either the battery or AC adapter is malfunctioning, or that the input/output jacks need to be repaired or rewired.

Broken Switch

If the Wah pedal is stuck in either the on or off position, and pushing down on the pedal will not change it, this could mean that your on/off switch is broken and needs to be replaced or repaired.