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The Price Is Right: Rules of the Game

The Price is Right is one of the longest running TV game shows in history. It features multiple mini-games within the show's one-hour time span. The show includes Contestant's Row, pricing games and the Showcase. Contestants try to win prizes by guessing their actual retail value.

Choosing Contestants

Four contestants are selected from the studio audience to come to Contestant's Row in front of the stage. When one of them is chosen to come on stage, another audience member replaces them. Six contestants make it on stage during the show.

Contestant's Row

The four contestants guess the retail price of a chosen item. Whoever is closest to the actual retail price without going over wins the item and the right to go on stage.

Pricing Games

A contestant on stage plays a game to win a bigger prize (often furniture, cash or a car). They might play a game where they guess the prize's price or they might play a game of chance related to the price.

Showcase Showdown

After the first three contestants appear on stage, they play the Showcase Showdown. Each contestant spins a giant wheel with monetary values; whoever is closest to a dollar without going over advances to the Showcase. After the next three contestants appear, those three play in a second Showdown.


Each finalist is offered a group of prizes known as a Showcase. Whoever bids closest to the total value without going over wins the prizes in their Showcase.


Contestants win $500 for guessing the exact value of their Contestant's Row prize. They get $1000 for getting $1.00 exactly on the Showdown wheel. They win both Showcases if they guess within $250 of their own Showcase.

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