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Games for Car Shows

Some car shows feature a specific type of car.
car show image by itsallgood from Fotolia.com

Car shows give car enthusiasts the opportunity to learn and share with others who share their same interests. Some car shows are hosted by manufacturers showing new models and products, while others allow car owners to show off their treasured vehicles. When attending car shows, you can host a variety of different games to award prizes with an automotive theme to your guests.

License Plate Bingo

Create a five by five bingo grid for each car show guest to pick up as he enters the car show. On the grid, list 24 of the license plates for the cars in the show, along with a free space in the middle of the grid. As car show guests view the cars, they get a chip from the owner displaying the car with that car's license plate printed on it. The first five car show guests to form bingo on their card and turn it in to the registration desk win a prize.

Scavenger Hunt

Give each guest a list of items to find at the car show. These could include items that are being given away by companies at booths, such as key chains and magnets. They can also be tasks such as having a photograph taken with one of the models working at the car show. Other items on the list might include having photographs taken with specific cars at the show or finding a car with a license plate from as many of the 50 states as possible. Assign points to each item on the list based on how difficult they are to find. The person who scores the most points and turns in her scavenger hunt list by a specified time wins the prize.

Car Trivia

Since you are hosting a show for car enthusiasts, you can test their knowledge of cars. The trivia can be centered around the theme of the show. For example, if the show features cars manufactured by Ford, create a list of five to ten questions to ask about Ford vehicles. Choose a guest from the registration list and ask a question. If he is correct he gets a prize; if not choose another guest.

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