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How to Answer Gracie's Questions in "Animal Crossing: Wild World"

If you've played "Animal Crossing: Wild World" for the Nintendo DS, you've likely had your choice of attire mocked by Gracie, the sports-car-driving fashion giraffe. To win Gracie's approval you'll need to take her fashion quiz. Answer her questions and she'll give you the coveted Fashionista Badge and, if you're lucky, one of her own personal creations. If you don't answer the questions to her liking, she'll mock you and give you a moldy shirt, which she'll think is an improvement over whatever you're currently wearing.

Check to make sure you have an open letter slot before talking to Gracie. If you don't have an open letter slot, delete a letter you hold to create a free slot.

Meet Gracie in front of Town Hall sometime after 6 a.m. on a weekday. However, Gracie won't be there every day and it's random as to when she shows up.

Talk to Gracie. She'll ask you if you want a Fashionista Badge.

Choose "You Know It!" to proceed to Gracie's quiz.

Answer the questions in Gracie's quiz. Unfortunately, the questions and the responses from Gracie are random. Each time you play, different questions will come up and different responses will be deemed correct. However, always choose the first answer to the first question to get a high ranking. After you've finished answering, Gracie will present you with a letter that is your Fashionista Badge and a shirt, regardless of what answers you picked.


Continue talking to Gracie until she asks for donations. Give her more than 5,000 Bells to receive another exclusive piece of clothing.

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