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Power Metal Vocal Tips

By learning the correct way to sing, you can consider singing power metal. With a few adjustments and a focus on breathing and overall powerful projection, you can sing this style and not sound out of place or weak.


Practice singing in a higher register than normal to improve your power metal vocals through pushing your voice to its limits. Power metal is characterized by the use of very high-pitched vocals as was created in the late-1970s and pioneered by Rob Halford from Judas priest. His powerful, near-screeching vocals had a huge impact on the heavy metal scene in the 1980s as well.

Attempt to knock over a folded playing card with your vocals. Projection is important in this style of metal, so the more powerful you can train your voice to become, the better you will be at power metal. Many of the strongest metal vocalists sing in this genre, including Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and Ronnie James Dio from Heaven and Hell.

Sing along with some of your favorite power metal songs. By imitating vocalist who sing this type of music, you will gain an understanding of what it takes to perform in this manner. Strength and stamina are two very important traits of a power metal singer that must be fostered to sing this way as hitting the correct notes with power is essential.

Vocal Lessons

Take vocal lessons from a teacher who is familiar with the style. He can give you tips on how to use your diaphragm and how to breathe properly while performing. If you do not have enough air in your lungs, your singing may sound weak and no amplification can cover this weakness. Other vocal styles in the metal genre do not require the same level of power that power metal requires for success.

Learning to sing in key with the melodic elements of power metal can help your singing immensely. All successful power metal singers are trained to sing in a traditional way by using well-tested techniques, including scales and melodies that help train the voice. Sheer power cannot compensate for out-of-key singing, as technical prowess is very important in the power metal genre.

Buy the DVD "The Zen of Screaming" by Melissa Cross. This instructional video can teach you the tools needed to scream like a professional and includes tips and techniques used by professional screamers in the heavy metal community.

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